Lindstrom Engineering specialises in a wide variety of structural and mechanical design services. These range from an initial design concept to manufacturing management and published Operations and Maintenance Manuals.

Our wide project management scope allows us to handle the complete project. This removes the hassle for our clients, of communicating plans to multiple organisations. Furthermore, as a Gympie-central firm, we are able to work closely with our clients to achieve effective design solutions.

o	Simplified 3D mesh scan by the Artec Eva 3D Scanner.
o	3D model of industrial fertiliser mixer with safety guarding.
o	Risk assessment and hazard and operability study (HAZOP) diagram demonstrating risk management and safety in design. This ensures safety compliance with machine and electrical safety design regulations.
o	Exploded view of a precisioned machine assembly of design prototype.
o	Finite Element Analysis (FEA) results stress plot of a bolted connection in a lifting device.
o	Ladder diagram demonstrating flexibility in industrial automation from simple to factory-wide automation integration.
o	Artec Eva 3D scan within Solidworks Geomagic add-in, highlighting Solidworks mesh overlay feature.
o	Structural design and analysis which is accompanied Work Health and Safety design compliance and safety certifications, overseen by a REPQ registered engineer.
o	Gantt chart highlighting stage management from custom equipment design conception to production-ready design packs and manufacture management.
o	Lindstrom Engineering holds a Registered Professional Engineer (RPEQ) status in both mechanical and structural disciplines with the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland. Drafting of a vehicle trailer.