RPEQ/RPEng, Standards & Certification

Engineers with RPEQ certification can appropriately navigate both the practical and legal requirements for providing engineered solutions to their Queensland clients. RPEng certification is a nationally recognised title, declaring the highest level of professional engineering practices. All Lindstrom Engineering work is overseen by an RPEQ and RPEng registered engineer.

These professional qualifications ensure a thorough understanding of Australian legislated standards across a range of industries.

Common standards include:

AS4100—Steel structures

AS4600—Cold-formed steel structures

AS3600—Concrete structures

AS1418—Cranes, hoists and winches

AS4991—Lifting devices

This knowledge, accompanied by professional engineering judgement, allows Lindstrom Engineering to certify existing designs or in-house solutions. By completing safety checks and analysis, engineered solutions are finalised with certification by an RPEQ engineer, confirming all legal and safety obligations have been met.

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RPEQ/RPEng, Standards & Certification
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