Safety in Design

Safety in Design is a legislated requirement within the Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011. It instructs that the designer, manufacturer and operator of equipment must be active contributors in ensuring a safe design.

Risk assessment is an integral part of Lindstrom Engineering design practices. Continually assessing risks throughout the design phase ensures:

  • Adjustments are made quickly and efficiently

  • Safe practice is incorporated into the fundamental expectations of the design

  • The removal of considerable costs and delays associated with risk mitigation at project completion

This integration means risk assessment analysis has no unnecessary impact on our client, their workplace or project deadlines.

If required, we provide operations and maintenance manuals to ensure our clients comply with all necessary legislation. Lindstrom Engineering has developed risk assessment tools and documentation which ensure a thorough analysis of both the equipment or structure, and its environment. With this analysis, we develop manuals to convey risks and training simply, so safe practices are integrated smoothly.  

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